New puppy time! How to prepare for a new best friend… tips for keeping your puppy safe.

Preparing a home to keep your puppy safe is similar to removing objects away from a curious toddler. From my experience, your puppy is going to want to find every loose cord, pair of shoes, or anything you wouldn’t want him/her to play with! They don’t know what your favorite shoes are compared to her favorite chew toy! So be smart and keep them hidden. I have lost many shoes in my day….now Jesse just carries them around but doesn’t chew them.

Before even bringing a puppy home, I would strongly suggest a crate. I have a few blogs that touch on crate training your dog. It makes it easier for training and behavior issues.

Here are household tips for keeping your puppy safe… starting with the bedroom.

The bedroom.. 

Dogs gravitate towards anything that smells like you. Jesse, my yellow lab, likes to lay on my laundry. But as puppies, put your stuff up and hide your shoes! Also make sure you secure any cords and don’t have your phone charger hanging within reach. Chewed up chargers will happen. Puppies also like to hide, so blocking spots they may be able to get into would be a good idea.

The bathroom…

Obviously keep the lid closed to prevent wet butts. Your soap, razors, cotton swabs are all dangerous so make sure you remind family to clean up after themselves. If you use cleaner in your toilet or drops, it’s very important to keep the lid closed to prevent poisoning…especially when they are young. Keeping your puppy safe can mean that if you notice your dog can open cupboards, I would get child proof latches. They also love to get into the garbage, so the easiest way is to just keep the bathroom door closed or put the garbage in the closet for now. Because our dogs love our smell so much, when you get into the shower, pick up your socks and underwear or they might be gone when you get out.

The kitchen…

First things first, start training the dog to stay out of the kitchen. My dogs know what “Get out of the kitchen” means and now all I have to do is point and they leave. (they are so smart!) Along with the cupboards and cord risks there are many foods dogs can’t have. Here is a list from the ASPCA, Animal poison control: Alcohol, Avocado, Chocolate, coffee and caffine, citrus, coconut/coconut oil, Grapes and raisins (can cause kidney failure), macadamia nuts, milk and dairy ( dogs do not possess significant amounts of lactase), nuts ( not a lot), onions, garlic, chives, raw or undercooked meat, eggs and bones ( could contain bacteria such as Salmonella or E. coli), salty snack foods, Xylitol (is used as a sweetener in many products), and finally yeast dough.

The living area…

The living area is a place we all hang out and will have a lot of tempting “toys” for a young pup…pillows, laptop, cords, TV remotes… just keep them all picked up and put away. Best thing to remember, don’t leave the young dog or puppy unattended. If you have to leave for a period of time a crate would be the best place.

Keeping your puppy safe, Silver Labrador
First picture of Lacy, our Silver Labrador. Look at those paws!

It’s best to be safe than sorry. Taking time to puppy-proof your home will give your new pet a great start with their new family. Keeping your puppy safe in important. As they get older, you won’t need to be so vigilant with your pick up routine and safety measures.

Choosing products can be overwhelming. Here are some of the top choices on Amazon (and best deals!), also what we have used over the years with many of our dogs and puppies! The circle gate works awesome for keeping the puppies safe outside when it’s nice out and has ground anchors so it’s strong enough for even Labrador puppies! 🙂

Crate training is a must when you get a puppy! We put a blanket over it for Lacey and keep it in an active area of the house. I have another blog post on puppy training hacks and more on crate training also!

Dog Bless! <3

crate training
Lacy loves her crate!

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