Welcome Our Silver Lab puppy to The Family…

Silver Lab
Lacy smiling…

We had all 3 Labrador Retriever colors… yellow, black, chocolate; with there being 3 generations. Now, we have a silver Lab puppy….so blessed! If you don’t know, a Labrador is such a great family dog. It’s been the most popular dog for the last 28 years. Especially in the United States.

The true colors of the Labrador.

Did you know there is only Yellow, Black and Chocolate Labrador recognized by The Kennel Club. A Silver Lab is actually a pale chocolate.

Originating in NewFoundland in the 1500’s. The first Labrador Retrievers became popular as gundogs around the 1800’s and were mostly black. Yellow and chocolate were first recorded in the late 1800’s but the silver lab not until the 1950’s.

The truth about the silver Lab…

Silver Labrador
Lacy and Dani, Silver Labs

The silver Labrador comes from the chocolate lab having 2 “little d” genes (dd). This is a dilute gene and not just confined to just chocolates. When a yellow lab has the dd genes it is called a champagne color and for the black it’s called a charcoal color. Having just one of the gene won’t change the coat but they are still a carrier and can pass the gene on to offspring. So Silver Lab puppies are not as common, but more and more people are interested because their color is awesome!

They guy we bought Lacy from stated he was trying to get the silver color added to the AKC as a registered color by writing it on her registration papers, so maybe down the road it will be. We registered her like that but it came back with “Chocolate Labrador Retriever” on the papers.

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Dog Bless!


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