What is it and how does it help dogs and humans?

Grounding therapy is getting out with your bare feed and connecting with the earth. The easiest way is to place your feet or hands on grass or earth, or immerse yourself in a body of conductive water, like the sea. I live in Wisconsin, so in the winter it’s cold! So, I bought a grounding mat and it works great! I love the way it charges me!

You see, the earth is an electrical planet and we are made of energy. Our human bodies function electrically. I think of grounding therapy as vitamin “G” for grounding. The Earth holds negatively charged free electrons.  Without a connection to it, the cells in our body struggle to balance the positive charge which results from things like electron-deficient free radicals. 

Just think how long humans have gone without this essential connection? Way long ago, humans knew and walked the earth shoe-less, getting their grounding therapy every day. In our modern environment it is extra important to ground yourself from the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, WiFi, Bluetooth, power lines, microwaves, and the list goes on!!

Take your shoes off and enjoy the earth!

Human grounding therapy benefits:

  • Sleeping better and having more energy
  • Revitalized and healthier functioning body
  • Reduction of inflammation (electrons neutralize positively-charged destructive free radicals involved in chronic inflammation)
  • Improved immune function
  • Improved digestion
  • Faster healing of injuries
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved mood, reducing stress and anxiety

If you have inflammation or diabetes grounding (or earthing) is showing great promise! It is said that all roads to chronic disease lead through inflammation. That is why grounding therapy is extremely important!

Dog getting natural grounding therapy…

Dog grounding therapy benefits:

  • Extending quality and quantity of life
  • Less Shedding
  • More comfort, less itching
  • More mobility
  • Increased togetherness with other pets
  • reduces inflammation
  • reduces anxiety and stress
  • it’s calming

The moment bare body touches the earth, you are connected and your body changes. You can feel the tingle from the recharge and a sense of warm well being rises up!

Dogs can also lay on grounding mats! Dogs are loving it and we are seeing the benefits! Jesse loves to lay on mine! It’s nice and long so it fits us both!

I didn’t know about the benefits of grounding therapy until I was 40! I am so grateful I do now because I can share it with others like you and my family! It is a natural and simple way to improve your health!

Happy grounding and Dog bless!

Below is the grounding mat that I purchased and love. I am using it as I type this! It came with the book “Earthing” which I really enjoyed reading. You can get with 1 or 2 mats. (One for you and one for your dog!) It’s so worth it and I thought it to be very reasonably priced! They also have sheets for the bed. Stay Grounded and make sure to share the benefits with the ones you love. Such easy self care for you and your dog!


Earthing Universal Grounding Mat Kit 2

Ground Therapy Sleep Mat (double – 54″ x 72″)

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