Have you heard of Spirit animals? Many cultures believe there are spirit animals that guide and protect us during this physical journey as humans. It is also said that we embody their characteristics and vice versa. That they are meant to represent the traits and skills that we are supposed to learn or have.  The Shamen call it a power animal.

Dog Spirit Animal

When a dog chooses to act as your spirit animal guide you will always have trust, courage, loyalty, protection, familiarity, a best friend and unconditional love. Always respect them.

Each dog breed has its own unique qualities.  If you find certain breeds have come into your life, pay attention to those qualities, as it may be exactly those that the dog is meant to share with you.

Here signs pointing to the dog as your spirit animal.  Does it sound like you?

  • You feel like your dog saved you. Your dog came at a time where you were calling out for aid.
  • You give unconditional love.
  • You may be a protector that will go above and beyond to take care of the people you care about.
  • You like to help those in need and seem to sense what they need.
  • You are easy to devote and also forgive.
  • You are happy hanging back and letting others you care about take the spotlight.
  • You have always had a dog and treated them as family.
  • You are perceptive and can sense negative energy people.
  • You have an infectious energy that people like to be around, and you bring it out in others.
  • You may feel like you get burnt out because you put forth a lot of energy; therefore needing to be lazy for a while.

A human’s spiritual connection with dogs is nothing new and not many people can argue with that because you can feel and see it! Dogs make us happy! Through the years the dog has evolved to be so much closer with the human. As therapy dogs, service dogs, sporting dogs, and dogs that have real jobs right along side us. Dogs are even becoming more popular to have at work as employers realize the benefits to their employees.

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As our dog spirit guides there are true benefits from having them around. They raise our spirit energy and can help us through difficult times. It’s a great symbol of unconditional love, playfulness, loyalty, dependability and protection.

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Dogs are Loyal

Labradors are my spirit animal! 😉

Dogs are extremely loyal to family. If the dog spirit animal comes into your life, it may mean that you are a true and loyal friend yourself. Or humans that are lonely or have been betrayed may find a dog appearing because they needed to see that loyalty exists. There are so many stories about dogs staying by their human’s side even at risk to themselves. We see it everyday in certain working dogs.

I hope you enjoyed this blog on the dog spirit animal! Dogs are amazing in so many ways!

Thank you and Dog Bless!!

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I am a mother of 4 humans and 4 dogs (currently). A dog is man's best friend and I am here to show their heart to the world! I will touch on dog training, health, benefits and lifestyle!

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