Did you know that 45% of U.S. dogs sleep in their human’s bed? I know mine does! And 70% of humans sign their dogs name on holiday cards!? I do that too! Do you!?

Here are 10 more interesting facts about dogs you may not have known!

1.Dogs can smell much better than humans. So to them, we stink! Scientists have stated that dogs can pick up odors at a concentration of parts per trillion. They can literally smell fear, anxiety and sadness!

2. Research at the University of British Columbia found that the intelligence of a dog is that of a human child between 2 and 2 1/2 years old. They have to capability to understand 150 to 200 words.

3. Dogs can intentionally deceive humans and other dogs in order to gain treats. They also get genuinely jealous.

4. By a long shot, the USA has the highest population of dogs in the world with 75.8 million! The second highest is Brazil with 35.7.

5. Dogs CAN see more than just black and white… I know that is what we have always been told. But they can see shades of blue, yellow and green.

6. There are more than 150 breeds of dogs.

7. The current world record holder for oldest dog is “Bluey” who was an Australian cattle dog. Bluey died in 1939 at the amazing age of 29 years old. WOW!

8. Stray dogs in Russia actually get on and off the subway system in certain stops in search for food! Now that is an interesting fact about dogs!

9. Humans and dogs can help each other with anxiety. For example; leaving some of your clothes behind that you have worn can help your dog with separation anxiety. If they can lay with your worn clothes, it has been proven that it eases their anxiety.
Vice Versa; petting your dog for just 15 minutes releases “feel good” hormones to help you cope with anxiety, stress and other mental illnesses like PTSD.

10. The most popular dog breed world wide is the Labrador! (yay!)  With their gentle nature, intelligence and obedience they make for excellent pets and reliable working dogs.

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I hope you enjoyed these 10 interesting facts about dogs! I know I had fun writing it. Dogs are so amazing!

Dog Bless!

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