What is the best dog food and why? Who can we trust?

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I have always had multiple dogs with a limited income. Therefore the store brand dog food that was cheaper was what I bought. Unknowing as to how bad it is for them. Well not anymore… As my dogs started to age and I saw more dog food recall, dog illnesses, etc. it forced me to think about the commercial dog foods.

My labs and hound…now getting Taste of the Wild dog food and loving it!

So just how bad is commercial dog food?

I had to find out and share with you.

Information from an article by Keith Woods called “The Dark Side of Recycling” written in 1990 opened my eyes. I will never feed my dog just any dog food again. Keith did research from within a commercial dog food factory. The article he wrote is not for people with weak stomachs and really brings commercial dog food to disgust.

The facts are that dog food manufacturers are required to put a label on the ingredients or “waste” in the dog food, so they call it; Animal by-product meat, Meat by-product meal and animal fat. What this really means is:

  • Slaughterhouse waste (organs, heads, hooves, beaks, feet)
  • Bread and cereal rejects (cobs, stalks, mill sweepings)
  • Dying, diseased and disabled farm animals
  • Road kill (deer, skunks, and raccoons)
  • Contaminated grain middlings
  • Distiller fermentation waste
  • Spoiled supermarket food
  • Euthanized cats and dogs
  • Restaurant grease
  • Dead zoo animals

Wow… now think of the saying, “We are what we eat!?”

Not even kidding… the “corn” and “grain” are fillers with no nutritional value. All the “fillers” are making the dogs obese.

So, what is safe and who can we trust when it comes to feeding our furry children?

dog happy about his dog food

Don’t always assume that the dog food your vet sells is the best for your dog.

While doing my research I found Hill’s Science diet on a few lists of “top dog foods”, recommended by Veterinarians. But, looking at the ingredients, it still has “Grain and corn”. Then I looked at the dog food recall list and see that in January 2019 Hill Science diet had a food recall and also had more in 2007!

Dog health facts today:

  • 40% of dogs are obese
  • 46% of dogs die of cancer
  • Heart disease increase
  • Kidney disease increase
  • Liver disease increase

What I am now feeding my dogs.

On the top of the dry dog food list today, and the one I decided on for my Labs, is Taste of the Wild Dog Food. Manufactured in the United States, Grain free, and high quality meats make up the first 4 ingredients. Bingo! Ingredients From Trusted, Sustainable Sources; Made With No Grain, Corn, Wheat, Filler; No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Preservatives Added. This dog food has a natural recipe with added vitamins and powerful antioxidants from real fruits and vegetables. It supports overall health, while omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support healthy skin and coat.
Taste of the Wild also has the needed probiotics for a healthy digestive system. Yes!

Now that I chose the best food for my dogs, where can I find the lowest price and best deal?

I decided to get my dog food auto shipped by Chewy to save 5% and have free shipping. I love that I don’t have to try to load my physical shopping cart and haul dog food home anymore. It’s shipped right to me and I order enough (over$49) to get free shipping, plus a discount for the auto ship. This way I can always add other dog items, like toys and dog treats, to my auto ship to ship free every month also!

Below is a coupon for 30% off your first autoship if you would like to give it a try! Can’t beat the deal… I’ve looked! The best part about auto ship is it’s one less thing to remember. And, you can also add items or cancel when they send their reminders!

To see which type is best for your dog Chewy has a lot more information on their website about The Taste of The Wild and a video for more information.

We were told Riley was obese at her last vet check and since then with the change in food and daily exercise she has so much more energy and I can see how happier she is! She is running and not limping anymore! My kids even notice how much happier she is! What you feed your dog is so important!

Riley, commercial dog food
Riley loves to go on walks now!

In conclusion, I feel so relieved knowing that we can’t just buy any commercial dog food. I now know just what my dogs are eating and their spirits are so much brighter! Not to mention I know I am getting the best deal!

If you are looking for signs on if you should change your dogs food here is an article that can help! 5 signs It’s Time to Change Your Dog’s food.

Dog Bless!

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