I wrote about having the dog as your spirit guide and what benefits we get from dogs but what about the life lessons we learn? Dogs love unconditionally and I can’t help but think off all the life lessons we learn from them. For example, looking at the ones we love like they are the best things on earth. I feel that when my Lab looks at me!

10 important lessons learned from dogs…

  1. Stay loyal. It’s just natural for dogs to be loyal. Jesse follows me around like my shadow and is incredible at reading my ques. Although she is deaf, dogs don’t feel sorry for themselves. They just think about what others need.
  2. Life is short, so be excited about every day. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, dogs wake up happy and don’t hold grudges. They are wagging their tails ready for a great day. Dogs live an average of 12 years, and they never take a day for granted.
  3. Enjoy taking walks… and naps. Dogs are so happy when on walks. Not only are they grounding but also getting fresh air and exercise. Walking in the woods with the dogs is one of the best ways to raise my mood and another way is with a nap! Dogs nap multiple times a day but did you know some advantages for humans to nap include reducing stress, aiding in weight loss and reducing the risk of a heart attack. I love naps!
  4. Determination. Have you ever played fetch or tug of war with a retriever? or heard stories about dogs finding their way back home? The adverb word “doggedly” means tenaciously or with strong determination. Human survival and success revolves around determination.
  5. Protect yourself and the ones you love. A dog will protect itself and loved ones when feeling threatened but will first do so in silence. They will only become aggressive if it is necessary. There is a difference between protection and aggression. There are certain dogs that make better protectors but they all have the “protect the pack” instinct.
  6. Be aware of people’s energy. Dogs communicate through body language, emotions and energy. When a dog is on guard around a new person, most likely they are picking up on their negative energy. Negative energy attracts Negative energy and that is why your dog might act out. Such an important lesson for humans also, you will become negative around negative people if you don’t protect yourself… so stay clear and learn to manage the negativity in order to live a positive life.
  7. Cuddling and affection always make us feel better. Your dog can feel when you need affection. They will give you a nudge, climb up on you, give you kisses, hugs and nose rubs. Dogs have the same hormones and chemical changes that humans do during emotional states. Petting your dog or rubbing their belly not only makes them feel happy but it releases “feel good hormones” in yourself!
  8. Be grateful. Dogs show gratitude with closeness and wags of their tail. How excited is your dog when you get home? Research is beginning to show solid scientific results stating that our dogs have much more complex emotional relationships with us than we have been encouraged to believe! Being grateful everyday is very beneficial for humans. Just a few advantages are that it enhances positive emotions, increases self esteem, improves relationships and helps us sleep better! I make sure to be grateful every single day.
  9. Stop and smell the flowers. When you take your dog out notice everything they are smelling and checking out. They are not in a hurry, just appreciating everything around them. Going along with being grateful; stopping to appreciate the meaningful things in our lives plays a large role in our overall happiness.
  10. Loss. Last but certainly not least, dogs teach us the heartbreak of loss. Dogs love so deeply and we intensely love them just the same, so loosing them causes devastating grief. The good news is that I am reading more and more about how the dog can and does reincarnate and return to their beloved owners.

So many people take their dogs for granted. All of these amazing lesson’s learned from dogs are so key and spiritual. What are you learning from your dog? What can you add to the list?

Dog Bless!

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Dog Bless!!

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