There is no better partner to hold you accountable than a dog wagging it’s tail at the door ready for a daily run! Exercise is so important for both humans and dogs. Here are some training tips for running with your dog!

Running with a puppy is not safe as their bones are still growing. A good age to start is at a year and a half.

First things first, know your breed because not all dogs are made to run. Dogs will also have their own personalities so consider their temperament along with breed.

  • Weimaraners– best for long steady runs, going fast, trail running
  • German Short-haired Pointers– best for long steady runs, going fast, trail running
  • Vizslas- best for long, steady runs; going fast; running in the heat; trail running
  • Parson Russell Terriers– Best for long steady runs
  • Greyhounds– best for brisk short runs, going fast
  • Pit Bulls– best for brisk short runs
  • English Setters– best for brisk short runs
  • Retrievers, Labrador and Golden– best for brisk short runs or long slow runs (be aware of the heat)
  • Beagles– best for brisk short runs
  • Dalmatians– best for long steady runs
  • Rhodesian Ridgebacks– best for running in the heat, long steady runs
  • Fox Terriers– best for running in heat
  • Malamutes or Huskys– best for running in the cold
  • German Shepards– best for running in the cold
  • Border Collies– best for long steady runs and running in the cold (Just not the snow)
  • Australian Shepard– best for trails with obsticals
  • Standard Poodles– best for long steady runs
running with your dog

A good rule of thumb is that if the dog breed has a short muzzle like a Bulldog or pug, they should only run short distances. Also check with your vet if you are planning on starting a running regiment to make sure it’s safe.

Walk with your dog before you run…

By using treats and praise, make sure your dog can consistently walk with a loose leash before you start to train them to run beside you, otherwise it could be dangerous for you. Choose a side, right or left, and reward when they are in the right position.

When you are ready to speed it up, have a phrase you use like “let’s go” to let your dog know it’s time to speed things up. You can also use “whoa” to get them to slow down and again, reward them for doing so. Then run for short bursts to get the dog to build up to running more and learning the cues. Gradually increase every time you walk and then after a few weeks they should be readily adapted to running longer distances.

Once you are running regular, I would suggest a hands free leash! They are amazing for running with your dog and much more safe.

Important reminders when running with your dog

  • Warm up and cool down walking is important
  • Dogs don’t sweat like humans so avoid the excessive heat
  • Carry water and offer regularly
  • Give your dogs breaks to recharge and enjoy the outdoors
  • Only allow them to run off the leash when it’s safe

Dog Bless and Happy Running!

Holli ~ The Dog Connection

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Resources for this article- AKC, American Kennel Club

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