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The truth is, dogs need beds just like humans do. Sleeping on the floor or other hard surfaces can be damaging to a dog’s health. Orthopedic dog beds can be used to help ease the pain and discomfort of muscles, hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other joint problems. Older dogs should be given an orthopedic dog bed sooner than later,as they are far more prone to these conditions. 

As my yellow lab gets older, she is slowing down. I can tell her joints are sore and it’s harder for her to get up and move. So I wanted to try an orthopedic dog bed for her. It helps evenly distribute weight to alleviate painful pressure on muscles and joints.  

What bed I chose for my dogs and why…

I like to order from Chewy because I can just add to my dog food auto ship and get free shipping. I found an orthopedic dog bed for under $40 so I ordered 4 for all the dogs!

orthopedic dog bed
4 large orthopedic dog beds for my 4 furry kids…and free shipping!

I placed one next to my bed for Jesse because she can’t jump up on the bed any longer. She seems to like the orthopedic dog bed and lays on it every night. Although I wish they were a little thicker, it fulfills it’s purpose. It is nice that it’s indoor outdoor and water resistant. The poly-canvas zip cover is also removable for cleaning. I always try to find dog beds with removable covers for easy cleaning. I like the material on this one because it’s also easy to wipe off to spot clean.

My favorite part of this dog bed is that I can vacuum it! It doesn’t get sucked up into the vacuum so it’s easy to clean the dog hair off. I hadn’t found a bed yet that I could vacuum so that was a huge bonus! When you have multiple dogs, like Labradors that shed, you can sure appreciate this!

Labrador laying on the couch instead of the orthopedic dog bed.
Jesse- 12 years old

I am still working on getting all the dogs to lay on the dog beds instead of the furniture. Our dogs are spoiled but we like to try to keep them off so they don’t ruin the new couches. In order to do that, I need something for them to lay on to get off the hardwood floors and their joints.

As soon as I leave the room, Jesse jumps back up on the couch. I don’t have the heart to tell her to get down either. Oh well…we are making progress.

Hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful!

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