Losing a Dog

There is no heartbreak like losing a dog. One you have had through marriages, births, moving, and everything else life brings. They are the one constant love no matter what. Every day. Unconditional Love.

According to Abraham Hicks, who I am a big fan of, dogs can come back and be your dog again. This lifetime is just one of their many trips to earth to be your spirit guide. Your love connection. Dogs are always on a high vibration, therefore raising yours just from being around them. So when they are no longer around, you can feel it.

My loss…my beloved dog Jesse…

I had to say goodbye to Jesse today. The yellow lab featured in most of my blog posts and my main inspiration. She was my shadow and today was hard (to say the least). But I know she will be back and I can feel her with me. Why can’t dogs live longer? It just doesn’t seem fair.

In a book my Allen and Linda Anderson, called “Angel Dogs: Devine Messengers of Love”, they talk about the dog as messengers of spirit. They said:
“Dogs bring to humans such messages as; You are loved. You are not alone. You are protected and guided by a divine higher power. Dogs deliver messages such as When you are lonely, weary, overwhelmed by life’s burdens, I am here. People who are in pain often can’t hear the voice of God whispering comfort and hope. So God sends them a messenger with a furry face, wagging tail, licking tongue, and generous heart. Those who can accept the gift are taught that love is all around by one of life’s wisest teachers.”

Jesse with her puppies

I feel like Jesse was here exactly for that period of my life (2006-2019) for a reason. This year I have a total new look on life and have found my light. I made it through hard phases of my life and I am now ready for my awakened soul to shine. Thank you Jess for being here when you were! I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She loved my kids just as much as she loved me. Heart and soul. I can’t wait to see her again!

So how do we cope from losing a pet? Just take it day by day and know they are with us in spirit. I know it’s not the same but just being thankful they were here for as long as they were makes us grateful. I know I am grateful for every single day with Jess.

Sorry for the sad update to the blog. Thank you all for your support!!

Dog Bless and hug those furry kids extra tight for me tonight!

Holli~ The Dog Connection


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