I read in a recent survey only 50% of people walk their dog everyday.

Not everyone has a lot of time to exercise everyday. Not only do we have dogs but also kids, work, school and many other responsibilities. Or maybe you go to the gym? or walk at work on lunch breaks?

But your dog needs exercise everyday too. Walking with your dog everyday will keep them happy and healthy while also strengthening your bond!

So what about just 10 minutes? Maybe we can make that much time to walk with our dog after knowing what the benefits are!?

Dog Walking 30 minutes a day is ideal but walking in 10 minute increments is a great way to get started!

Benefits of starting a daily routine walking your dog:

  • Improves fitness for both of you.  Walking is a weight baring exercise so you are both becoming stronger the more you do it.
  • Helps maintain bone density. Which is important as you and your dog age.
  • Lung capacity increases as you continue to walk routinely.
  • Strengthens the bond between you and your dog! Your dog loves to experience the universe with you!
  • The smells in the fresh air reduce stress and increase happiness. Oxygen energizes you both.
  • Dog Walking can also boost immunity. The fresh air is good for you! Breathing stale air will not supply your body with enough oxygen to fuel your cells to function properly. So get outside and take some deep breaths!
  • Could help you and your dog with weight loss. Multiple dog walking sessions will increase your metabolism. Walking fast or vigorous, obviously burns more calories.
  • Helps with the digestive system. Regular walks can avoid constipation and be extremely beneficial to your dogs digestive system and yours!
  • Regular walks help your dog to be less destructive. As I have stressed in my other blog posts… Exercise can help with a multitude of behavior issues and keep them more calm! See blog on how much exercise a dog needs daily.
  • Grounding benefits for the dogs (and you if you take your shoes off). I have a blog on the many benefits of grounding for you and your dog. It’s important to connect to the earth and center yourself.  See blog on Grounding Therapy

dog walking, dog exercise

As you can see, there are many mental and physical benefits to walking just 10 minutes at a time. Hopefully this encourages you to get out and get some fresh air with your dog! I look forward to walking my dogs everyday!

Riley has had a weight battle for the past few years. But since having her on a steady walking schedule, she has lost weight and has a lot more energy! She is now even running! It’s so exciting to see her with so much energy and looking fabulous! I not only make sure she is active everyday but I also switched her diet and feed her treats like cucumbers and pumpkin. She is so excited every morning for our walks and so am I!

Enjoy your walks!

Dog Walking Accessories

PS. If you are unable to get out and walk due to physical reasons or weather. We have dog treadmills and treadwheels to help with that! That way your dog can still get the exercise they need until they can get outside! Exercising your dog really helps with a variety of behavior issues. They need an outlet!

Dog Bless!~

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  1. Nice Post! I agree, walking with your dog is very beneficial to me and my pups. My senior dog, Bastian, is 14 years old and he knows when it is time for a walk. He loves going on 15-20 minute walks. (from Dachshund Station)

  2. Before we started living in an apartment, I didn’t walk my dogs very often. Though I miss having a backyard, it’s really been so much better for all of us, we get out more, we say hi to people, and we can see what’s going on around the neighborhood. I love the idea of grounding while dog walking, I’ll have to try that, even if it just means trying it in socks first.

    1. Thank you for the comment and that is nice to hear. I agree getting out is so important! Grounding does make a difference. I even have a grounding mat for the winter.❤🐾 Dog Bless!!

  3. It’s sad to hear that so many people don’t walk their dogs every day. I take my dogs on as many walks as I can throughout the day because not only do they need to go to the bathroom, but they love to explore and sniff around. Also, I worry they get bored if they just sit around all day and don’t go for enough walks!

  4. Walking is so important – Layla and I do at least 5 block walk in the mornings, I call it the sniff, but I leave my phone at home and it is our time. It is one of 3 to 4 walks a day, some longer some shorter but I believe it is so important for both of us. She loves walking and if she had her own way we would walk miles every day LOL.

  5. I walk with Roy every morning. Even when I’m not feeling so well, or had a rough or late night, I still try to manage a little 20 minute walk some time during the day. It’s usually only me and him. Love our quality, bonding time 🙂

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