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There are so many benefits to having a dog! I have a popular blog post on around the amazing benefits; for example dogs teach many lessons, can smell cancer and help us to be active!
So when you are thinking about adding one to your family, there is a lot to consider. Of course I think Labrador Retrievers will always be the #1 family dog! When it comes to the best dog breed for families, the loyal and dependable Labrador Retriever hung on for the 28th year in a row to the title of “America’s most popular dog”. Before the Labrador, the Poodle held the record for 22 years.

According to the AKC, (the organization that registers more than 1 million dogs and litters a year), America’s ten most popular, in descending order, are the Labrador Retriever, German shepherd, Golden retriever, French bulldog, standard bulldog, beagle, poodle, rottweiler, German short haired pointer and the Yorkshire terrier.

10 best dog breeds for kids and families…

Labrador Retriever best dog breeds
Our family of Labrador Retrievers <3
  • Labrador Retriever – Friendly, Active, Outgoing. They have been the most popular dog breed for decades. Recently a group wanted the Lab to be Minnesota’s state dog! They are very friendly, loyal, intelligent and great with children. This soulful breed needs serious exercise every day. The AKC states they can grow up to 80 lbs but as an owner of generations of Labradors, I know they can healthily grow up to 100 pounds. Our Chocolate Lab is 110 lbs of muscle. Life expectancy is 10-12 years. We just lost Jesse, our yellow Labrador, at age 12. Labs are very popular for hunting and make excellent therapy and service dogs!
  • German Shepherd– Confident, Courageous, Smart. They are considered good house dogs because of their calm nature and caring temperament. They make great guard dogs and the largest percentage of police working dogs are German Shepherds. The energy levels of German Shepherds is high so they can keep up with the kids! Life expectancy is lower with 7-10 years.
  • Golden Retriever– Friendly, Intelligent, Devoted. They are popular hunting dogs and love obedience along with other competitive events. These big hearted canines make great service and therapy dogs. Excelling at agility training and competition, they are athletic dogs. They are a family favorite because they are so sweet, kind hearted and tolerant. They can get up to 75 lbs and life span is 10-12 years.
Best dog breeds
Golden Retriever on Dog Agility Grooming Table
  • French Bulldog– Adaptable, Playful, Smart. This is a dog breed I haven’t been very familiar with! They don’t get very big, up to 28 lbs and they are in the non-sport group. The bulldogs have a short snout, so they can’t be as active as other dogs. They wouldn’t make a good running dog but would make a great house dog! Popular to people in the city. They are playful and adaptable. Their life span is 10-12 years.
  • Standard Bulldog- Friendly, Courageous, Calm, but not super athletic. haha. My sister rescued a Standard Bulldog and the family loves her! They are larger than the French Bulldog, and live span is less at 8-10 years. They are great in town and also adaptable. Bulldogs are excellent with kids and don’t need as much exercise as some of the other dog breeds. A short walk and a nap would be perfect.
  • Beagle– Friendly. Curious. Merry. Smaller dogs and usually not over 30 lbs. In my lifetime, I have seen a common theme of obese Beagles with friends and neighbors. Something to be careful of. But if they get their exercise, they can live 10-15 years! They are hounds and excellent hunting dogs. Very easy going and friendly dogs. They are active, great for kids and adults!
  • Poodle- Active. Proud. Very Smart. Standard Poodles are known show dogs and held the record for most popular dog, before the Labrador, for 22 years. As a matter of fact, a very common mix is a Labradoodle! (Half Labrador Retreiver, half Standard Poodle) Poodles need stimulation in order to stay happy. If not, they could be hyper or high strung. They are so intelligent, they need advanced exercise, such as dog agility or vigorous play sessions. They can get up to 70 lbs and live 10-15 years.
best dog breeds, fitpaws
Rottweiler strength training with FitPaws Balance Bone
  • Rottweiler- Loyal. Loving. Confident Guardian. Largest of the top 10 and can get up to 135 lbs, most of it muscle. Rottweilers are working dogs that love having a job, working makes them happy. These gentle giants need training and exercise as they are big and it can be scary. They have a lot of power and can be very protective. Rottweilers make great police and guard dogs. If trained with a loving family, you will get love and respect with no unruliness! Their lifespan is 9-10 years.
  • German Shorthaired Pointer- Friendly. Smart. Willing to Please. In the Sporting group, the GSP is a gundog who is excited about life! They thrive on exercise as a hunting dog, and they love their job. They are always up for physical activities with the family. You will want a yard to run or be able to get them out and about. These happy and friendly pointers are known for speed, agility and endurance. They can get up to 70 lbs, have short hair and a lifespan of 10-12 years.
  • Yorkshire Terrier- Affectionate. Sprightly. Tomboyish. Smallest of the top 10 best dog breeds and only gets up to 7 lbs. Known for being a city dog, because it can be a feisty little protector all in a cute little package. Yorkshire Terriers have a long life span of 11-15 years and are hypoallergenic. They have an entertaining personality and will bring lots of love and laughs.

The dog’s breed alone can’t determine the right dog for you.  Personality can depend on previous circumstances they have been in, if an adult dog, and could be in need of training.  Meaning, take time to get to know them if they are coming from another home.  If you plan on getting a puppy, I have blogs on how to get the house ready and puppy training!

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  1. Great list of dog breeds! My husband wants to get a lab, but we can’t get a dog just yet.

  2. OMG! DOGGOS!!!!! I love how you listed so any great breeds of dogs!

  3. We had a yorkie before but he passed away three years ago. 😦 I miss him so much

  4. We have been looking in to getting a dog. This list will help out alot. Thanks

    1. I am so happy to hear you enjoyed the post! I have not heard of that dog breed either but my parents had a terrier too and loved him! Hope you stop again! Dog Bless!❤🐾

  5. We had golden retriever’s growing up and they were such amazing family dogs. We now have Rhodesian Ridgeback, she is wonderful and such a great protector.

  6. Our dogs are mutts and we love love love them!
    One of them is a lab mix and the other is a mystery haha

  7. I really think that I am finally giving my daughter that puppy that she is constantly asking for. I am saving your post that could help chose the best one.

  8. In the past year we’ve had a golden retriever, a labradoodle, and a lab. All have been wonderful family dogs. The lab was probably the most active and affectionate, and definitely the one that chewed the most. Loved them all!

    1. Yes Labs love to chew! We have a lab puppy here that will chew on whatever she can get her paws on. Lol sounds like you have been lucky with dogs around! Dog Bless & thank you for the comment!❤🐾

  9. awesome tip! i would love to get a dog when my little guy is older. leaning toward a golden retriever. they are sooo adorable and great with kids but the shedding though LOL

  10. Nice breeds of dogs and appropriate for the family with kids. I always love to have Golden and Labrador Retriever, they are the sweetest, really.

  11. I’m glad you posted this article because I’m thinking of buying a dog and it’s nice to read about the different breed of dogs.

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