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Need to get your dog ready for Halloween!? Check out these trendy dog costumes under $20!

It’s fun to take the whole family out trick or treating… including the dog! Maybe your kids are too old to trick or treat? That shouldn’t stop you from walking your dressed up dog around or taking them to a dog friendly party! We have super cute and affordable options ready to share!

Top Trending & AFFORDABLE Dog costumes at Chewy! A lot of them are new this year!

 This post contains affiliate links. Please read my disclaimer for more info. Thank you!  
funny dog halloween costume, Super Dog

Is your dog your hero? Well here comes… Super Dog! Officially licensed and high quality, this dog costume will transform your dog into a dog of steel. Comes in 3 pieces, sizes small to X-Large and priced at $10.14 – $10.69. 93% of reviewers recommend it and rated 4.5 stars (out of 5) .

Dog Halloween Costume Bat Dog

To the Bat Cave, Bat Dog! Also a high quality officially licensed and modeled after the original cartoon. This dog costume comes in easy to put on 3 pieces in a large variety of sizes of small to XXX-Large, priced $13.97 to $19.99. Rated 4.4 stars with 92% recommended.

funny Dog Halloween Costume, UPS

Is it a UPS worker or Ace Ventura Pet Detective? ” I got a package people!” Ha! Regardless, it makes me laugh! We all know how much our dogs love when the UPS truck pulls up! This costume is officially licensed by UPS and comes in X-small to Large and is $12.50. Reviews state that it is 91% recommend and it has 4.4 stars.

funny dog costume cow

Udderly cute dog costume here! Easy to put on with neck and belly straps and built in leash hole. Comes in sizes X-small to XX-Large and priced at $13.99 to $15.99. This costume is a hit at 100% recommended by customers and 4.9 stars!

funny dog halloween costume

Super cute bandanna’s are a new item, so not many reviews but 5 stars and only $4.99! Check styles for available sizes, comes as a Pumpkin bandanna or ” I do tricks for treats” , “Witch please” , “I’m with creepy” and more!

funny dog formal costume

Bow-tie and cuff set for the adorably sophisticated. Perfectly stylish for formal events also! Comes in sizes small to X-Large. Includes white collar with black silk bowtie and 2 white cuffs with buttons. Costume runs from $4.97 to $8.75 and has 4.4 stars with 93% recommended.

funny dog costume lion

Big Dog Lion Mane. Great timing with the new Lion King movie! Now they can truly be the king of your house or neighborhood! This one comes in 1 size and fits necks from 13 to 32 inches. Reviews state it’s 87% recommended, mostly because it fits better on certain types of dogs. 4.2 stars and $14.95.

funny dog halloween costume hot dog

The Frisco Hotdog with Ketchup dog costume is sure to be a hit on the trick or treat route! Easy to put on with straps and available in sizes X-small to X-Large, priced from $6.99 to $8.99 and with 4.7 stars! This one is a winner at 95% recommended by reviewers.

funny dog halloween costume shark

Look out… it’s a Great White Shark Dog coming in for the cute attack! Easy to take on an off with loop & hook straps and all in 1 piece. Has built in leash hole and 5 out of 5 stars! 100% recommended! Comes in X-small to XXL with price ranging $11.99 to $14.49.

funny Dog costume wonder woman

Officially licensed Wonder Woman Dog costume for the female Superheros. She will look unbeatable! Comes as 2 piece, size small to 3XL and high quality. $12.99 to $18.32 with 4.6 stars and 95% recommended.

funny Dog costume prisoner

Is your dog naughty? Maybe this would be a good fit! ha! Would be cute paired with a human cop or prisoner costume! Made with lightweight polyester, ear loops and adjustable chin strap. Comes in X-small to XX-Large at $8.99 to $11.99. Has 4.5 stars and is 100% recommended by reviewers.

dog funny Halloween costume cop

To go along with the prisoner dog costume, we have the cop! Does your dog like to protect and serve? This super cute 3 piece costume comes with badge, walkie-talkie and handcuffs. Perfect for patrolling the streets. Rated 4.2 stars and 94% recommended. Sizes include medium to XX-Large and priced $12.35 to $19.98.

dog halloween costume pirate

Ahoy! The Pet Krewe Pirate dog costume is sure to hornswagggle some candy! Your furry buccaneer will look adorable as you are out on an adventure! Made with high quality non toxic material in a 3 piece set. Rated 4.4 stars and 96% recommended. Sizes are Medium, Large, XL and priced at $14.95.

Dog Halloween costume, dinosaur

The throwback to the 90’s with the Nickelodeon Reptar costume. Chewy also has a few other dinosaur dog costumes to chose from! This one only comes in small and is $15.59. Rated 4.5 and 100% recommended.

Dog Halloween costume lobster

Super comfy deep sea Lobster cuteness! Can be for cats or dogs and is 1 piece easy to put on. Comes in X-small to XX-Large with built in leash hole. Priced $12.99 to $14.99, rated 5 stars and 100% recommended!

These dog costumes are just the start of what chewy offers and they are all under $20 and rated above 4 stars!

I can’t wait to see the pictures of the dogs as Halloween rolls around. Please make sure you share the cuteness with us! We would LOVE to see!

As a reminder for those living in warmer states, make sure to keep an eye on how warm your dog is getting with the costume on and give them enough water. Some dogs with longer fur can get really hot with anything extra on them.

Buy your Dog’s Halloween Costume today at Chewy!

Dog bless and have a paw-some time!

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  1. Nice post. This is actually very helpful. We have a new dachshund puppy that is only 6lbs and we would like to find him a practical and affordable costume. I really like the batman and the cow costume. The hotdog and bun are a famous one for little doxies, so that is always a fall back. (From Dachshund Station)

  2. All of these costumes are adorable! My dog is not a fan of being dressed up, but she looks so adorable when I dress her up. She has a cute Batgirl costume, so maybe I can get the Batman costume for my boyfriend’s dog!

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