What most dog parents want you to know.

As dog parents, others may not understand our love for our furry children. If someone says “it’s just a dog”, they clearly have not felt the love and companionship that comes with having them. Dogs have more loyalty, personality and love than most people I know. They are family. To us, we love them as children and we only get them for a short time in our lives. To dogs, we are their whole world and their whole life.

What most dog parents would like you to know…

  • Do not say anything bad about my dog if you want to have a relationship with me.
  • No matter what happens in my life, my dog will always be there for me.
  • Being a dog parent is a gift. My dog gives me a reason to smile everyday.
  • Dogs have a way of filling a need or emptiness we never knew we had.
  • Dogs teach my kids unconditional love, responsibility and loyalty.
  • You can tell a lot about a person, by the way they treat animals.
  • It is amazing how much love and laughter a dog brings into our lives and how much closer we become with each other because of them.
  • A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.
  • Dogs don’t care or judge us for life choices, they only want to be with us.
  • I feel bad leaving my dogs because I know how much they miss me.
  • The only thing wrong with dogs is that they don’t live forever.
  • Such short lives our dogs live, we don’t want them to spend most of that time waiting for us to come home.
  • If you don’t want dog hair on you, don’t sit on the “fur”niture.
  • We love our dogs more than most people.
  • If I trust you with my dog, I trust you with my life.
  • If my dog doesn’t like you, I probably won’t either.
  • Dogs help humans in many ways.
  • My dog is my happy place.
  • Dogs are the best and belong on couches, not on chains.

There are so many benefits to having a dog, linked is a blog that tells even more information on that. Not only can they help with stress, anxiety, weight loss, they can also be trained to be your service dog, therapy dog or have jobs as police or military; helping to protect us in so many ways.

Dogs are family for so many of us. Hopefully this blog can help others to understand where we are coming from, as dog parents.

Dog Bless ~

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I am a mother of 4 humans and 4 dogs (currently). A dog is man's best friend and I am here to show their heart to the world! I will touch on dog training, health, benefits and lifestyle!

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