Our 2020 Pledge of Giving

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“The Secret of Living is Giving” Tony Robbins

PetSmart Charities and our pledge!


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How to find the best animal charities?

I started with local shelters because chances are they need donations.  It’s so nice to make donations locally because you get to personally see it make a difference.  

Another way is to go to sites like Charity Watch or Charity Navigator.  This gives you the chance to see how well the charities rate and how they are putting the donations to use!

PetSmart Charities is rated A+ in Charity Watch . 90 cents of every 1$ impacts communities like yours! They work with 4,000 nonprofits and government programs to strengthen communities through pets. I searched for a charity that gives much more than it takes. You can see exactly where your donation dollars go and PetSmart Charities is ranked in the top 1% for of all charities ranked on Charity Navigator. Not only do they help pets to get adopted, they’ve provided more than $400 million in grants to nonprofit groups throughout North America.

The more you give the more life gives back.

I hope this has inspired you to give!  It’s been such a rewarding Janurary so far and I am so excited to see what the rest of the year brings us!  Thank you to all of you.  We are so very grateful for every single reader and supporter!
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Dog Bless for an AMAZING 2020!

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