We lost our yellow Labrador, Jesse, back in April 2019. It was very sad and I still miss her everyday. She was the mother of Riley and grandma to Tate.

dog loss

But what we didn’t expect was, not even a year later, we lost Riley too. Riley was 9 1/2 and I’ve written about her in many previous blogs.

This past year her and I worked together to get healthy and live our best life. We truly went through a transformation together. Then a few months ago we took her to the vet for a chipped tooth, and found out she had advanced kidney failure.

Labrador dog loss, goodbye to your dog

This was devastating news and as much as we tried to help her, her weight and health was declining. We don’t know what exactly caused the kidney failure, but Riley has had heat strokes in the past as well as being overweight. I tried not to blame myself and think : Was getting her healthy too little, too late? Was it the heat strokes? Was it feeding her commercial dog food? How did this happen?

But really I just have to believe the Universe has a plan and this is part of it somehow. These past few years I have personally seen that when I focus on the good, the Universe brings more good to focus on… so that is what I need to keep doing. I am so grateful for every second I got to spend with Riley. When I miss her, I can see her in our happy memories and I know we will meet again.

Dog loss, goodbye to your dog

Some of Riley’s tricks

Riley absolutely loved to swim, the kids called her “jet ski” when she was a baby because she was the first, out of all the puppies, that loved to be in the water. Riley also loved to hunt moles and and help with chores. She would carry in the groceries by the handle and take them into the house; never letting them touch the ground. Riley was so smart we also taught her to open the fridge and get a drink out for us. If you pretended to shoot her, she would play dead. She loved cucumbers as treats and she looked forward to our daily walks. Riley has been with my kids their whole lifetime.

Goodbye to a dog, dog loss

Riley was different after Jesse died in 2019; and now I keep thinking about them being reunited. Jesse and Riley were our first dogs when my husband and I started dating, so it’s been super tough not having them around anymore. But the good news is that we have their next generations and our friends have their offspring so we get to still see pieces of them.

Dog loss, Labrador
Goodbye to your dog, Labrador family

We also have our next generation of Labs with the diluted genes and Jesse Jr is part of that. Life is bitter sweet. You have to take the sad times to grow into the next chapter.

See more about the Labrador colors in our blog here.


Our new puppy, Chief.

When Riley got sick we were not expecting to get another dog. We have Jesse Jr, who is a Champagne; Lacy, who is Silver and Tuffy our rescue hound. But we got offered a charcoal Lab puppy for free. The charcoal Labrador is registered as a black, champagne in yellow and silver is a chocolate Labrador.

charcoal labrador puppy

Our new puppy , Chief, had bounced around a couple homes. So we were happy to give him a forever home. (See what I mean about life throwing curve balls!) The universe brings you just what you need at the right time. Chief is such a sweet boy. He wants to be right next to us at all times and is very smart.

The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away.

I have learned to just trust the Universe and be grateful. Thank you all for caring about our story. We have received so much support in the loss of our fur babies. We are blessed.

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