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♥Welcome to My Secret Dog Blog, brought to you by The Dog Connection. I am Holli…and this is my purpose.

I love Labrador Retrievers, and Lab puppies are the cutest puppies! We have generations of experience with puppy training and dog life!
Our Yellow Labrador, Jesse, featured in most of my early blogs, just passed away this year. But we still have her daughter Riley, (black Lab- 10 years old), Tate (Chocolate Lab-4 years old) and Lacy, (Silver Lab- born Nov. 2018 ) Then lastly, but certainly not least, we have our silly rescue Hound mix.
I have 4 human babies, along with my fur babies. My oldest daughter keeps Tate at her place, along with another Silver Lab, Dani, that is a rescue.
I have had dogs around me my whole life. They are always there to raise my energy level and spirit! My Labs, well, dogs in general, bring positive energy and love wherever they go. I recently did a blog on how humans really benefit from having them around.

I hope you find this blog helpful and uplifting! Our main focus is the health and bond with your fur matter what the breed!

Dog Bless!~
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