Dog Agility and Exercise

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Does your dog get enough exercise? How about during the week?

Did you know, destructive behavior is mostly due to not enough exercise.

When you don’t have time during the week to go for a walk or weather is bad; a 10-15 minute FitPaws Core-Strength conditioning workout will tire your dog out and it’s great for all ages! For example, it keeps the senior dogs from losing muscle mass.

Or try the Dog treadmills or treadwheels! Treadwheels don’t need any electricity and dogs can use them even when you aren’t there! These are great for high energy dogs and may solve behavior problems.

Dog Parks and Agility

There are several benefits to having or opening a dog park in your area. It gives it an opportunity to be free of a leash in a large area if you don’t have the yard at home and it also gives it an opportunity to socialize with other dogs, and with other dog people.

Dog agility is also the fastest growing dog sports of the last century. People really enjoy working with their dog and getting the exercise themselves. The AKC recommends you practice at home so we provide the equipment to do that also.

We exclusively offer a new line of 100% recycled plastic dog agility equipment also! So you can feel better knowing you are doing your part to be eco-friendly!


A look at our Recycled line of agility equipment!

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