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♥Welcome to my Secret dog blog, brought to you by The Dog Connection. I am Holli…and this is my purpose. I am excited to be here and share my dogs with you, along with a connection between the human and dog.

Me with a couple of our Labrador puppies!

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I love Labradors, and the Lab puppies are the cutest puppies in the world! We have generations of experience with Labs. Currently we have Jessie (yellow Lab-12 yrs old), Riley (black Lab- 10 years old), Tate (Chocolate Lab-3 years old) and Lacy (Silver Lab-12 weeks) . Then lastly, we have a Hound mix, and plan on having a DNA test done to find out her breed for her birthday. She will be 2 on Feb. 12th.

My dogs are always there to raise my energy level and spirit! They bring positive energy wherever they go or to whoever they follow. Us humans really benefit from having them around.

I have always believed that there is a reason that “Dog” spelled backwards is “God”.  They are heaven sent, selfless, amazing, smart, funny best friends and they love unconditionally. We can learn a lot from dogs.  Some say they are here as our guides.

Thank you for your time and I hope you stop and visit again!

Dog Bless~Holli

Our 3 Labradors, Riley, Jesse and Tate.. 3 Generations and a lot of love!!

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