The Dog Connection

the dog connection

Welcome Dog Lover!

We ❤️ dogs and are here to provide a trusted site (and social media pages) to connect humans with helpful & inspiring information around dogs; mind, body and soul.

We 💗 connecting with other dog lovers! Dogs are family and help keep us balanced.

Dog Bless~ The Dog Connection

About Us

Labrador Retriever

This is our passion

We have generations of Labradors and rescue dogs. Our blog is centered around the connection we have with our dogs, bringing you information and inspiration! Categories like dog health & education, dog love & loss.

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Give Back & Look Cute!

We are pledging 2020 to be our year of giving and donating 50% of all profits from our Zazzle store to PetSmart Charities. (rated A+ in Charity Watch , 90 cents of every 1$ impacts communities like yours ) We have designs focused on the love for dogs! Shirts, decor, mugs, hats and adding more! 20% off your first purchase! You can even customize!

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