What are the benefits of having a dog…

I have always had dogs around me. I remember my first dog, Sugar, from when I was a baby. She was always by my side. I am very grateful to be raised that way and in fact it made me a healthier person! Here are proven facts and studies that show there truly are health benefits to having a dog!

10 reasons life is better with a dog…

  1. Dogs reduce stress levels. Did you know just the act of petting a dog can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Petting a dog for just 10 to 15 minutes can release “feel good” hormones to also help cope with depression and other mental illness.
  2. Dogs can smell cancer. It is known that Dogs have the ability to smell cancer on a human body. Many studies state that dogs have pointed out cancer sites to their owners by licking or repeatedly sniffing a mole or lump!
  3. Dogs force you to exercise. All dogs need exercise, although some more than others. Dogs can keep you healthy and at a healthy weight by getting out and getting that fresh air! Don’t forget to take your shoes off for even more grounding benefits!
  4. Dogs are personal security. When you have a dog you never have to be alone. Even though my dogs are sweet, they can sound mean when they hear something or scare the mail man! Studies have shown that potential break ins are put off by barking dogs.
  5. Dogs teach responsibility. Children especially benefit from growing up with a dog. They need to be fed, watered, exercised, potty-time, etc. A dog is like a child and needs around the clock attention.
  6. Dogs can reduce allergies. I know it sounds backwards but it’s true! Studies have shown growing up with a dog in your house reduces your chance to develop allergies over the course of your life.
  7. Dogs can help you be social. People tend to gravitate towards people with dogs. Plus it gives off an impression that you are trust worthy.
  8. Dogs make work more enjoyable. Bringing dogs to work is increasing as it shows to lower work stress and keep staff more energized. Employers are now realizing the benefits of having a dog around at work. They can pet, walk or play with their dog which makes them more productive and satisfied. That is why I love working from home!!!
  9. Dogs teach compassion. Studies have shown children with dogs show more empathy and show more positive attitude towards animals. Dogs love humans more than themselves so we feel that heart and soul.
  10. Dogs connect with our souls! I wrote another blog about just how connected dogs are to our souls. It is said they can reincarnate and be our pet again and again.
Our dogs, just missing our Silver lab from the picture!

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Dog Bless!


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